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I purchased the product on line and received the registration key. Although I entered the number correctly I keep getting a message that says otherwise. I decided to uninstall and start over. The search feature in my computer shows that I still have versions (2) on my computer, with one key number. How that happened I have no idea.

The page on Brewsmith that has the "contact us button" does not allow me to send a letter to the support people, it just routes you back to where you were.

I would like to hear from anyone who can help me straighten this out.

Stuart Eavenson

  Your registration key should work - make sure you are entering it without the dashes with four characters in each box.  I'm not sure how you would get two copies installed unless you installed one earlier.

  My email is beersmith [at] if you are still having problems.


Jim Metcalfe:
Sorry I have to resort to the
reply" button to start a new question:  I want to retrieve my forgotten password so I can update it to something I can remember and to update my e-mail address, but I can't find the commands to do that.  Can you help
While I was scratching around the pages looking through the FAQs etc, to find the answer to the question above, I also realized I did know how to start a new message.
Jim Metcalfe

  I assume you are talking about your forum email address/login?  You should be able to do it from the main login page - there is a link there for forgotton password.  If you are already logged in you can just edit your profile.



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