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We now have a series of tutorial videos posted here:
   BeerSmith Home Brewing Video Tutorials


   Someone asked how I recorded the video tutorials.

   The videos were done directly on a PC using Camtasia Studio software, which is a very flexible package for doing screencasting.  I did all of the video editing within Camtasia primarily because exporting to another video editor (which I tried) introduced unacceptable loss of resolution due to the compression of the video when moving it.  It is difficult to do high quality screen casting in a relatively small video window, which is why the frequent zoom/pan is needed.

  For audio, I used an Audio Technica AT2020 USB microphone with an isolation mount and pop filter.  The quality of this microphone is outstanding - and a huge step up from the USB headsets or direct input mics I tried earlier.  I also did some minor soundtrack editing using the free program Audacity which I then imported as needed to Camtasia.  For editing I used a pair of Sony MDR-V6 monitoring headphones which were also very high quality.  There is only slight background noise in the finished product - primarily from the fans/hard drive vibration from my computer.

  I learned quite a bit doing this for the first time, and hope to find time to do more audio/video work in the future.



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