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Im Grant, and I have been brewing for around six years. I am a member of the Cascade Brewers Society in Eugene Oregon. I just recently bought the Beersmith program and so far have enjoyed it. I had been using pro mash previously, but decided to check out different software. Cheers!

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Re: Hello
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Hello Grant,

We also used ProMash! It can do a few thing a bit more easily than BeerSmith but nothing, once you learn it BeerSmith can't do. We especially like the reports from BeerSmith. We feel that if you can't document what you did and retrieve it, its very hard to make improvements in you processes and brews.  There are several threads in this forum where the Grand Master Brewer's have discussed the custom reporting that can be done. These are things that was impossible to do with ProMash. We're not knocking ProMash, it is an excellent product that filled a real need. We now think BeerSmith has moved beyond.


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