Author Topic: Updating prices on shopping list items doesn't seem to carry through to inventor  (Read 3046 times)


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I put in a shopping list with the current prices, and I would have figured it to update the base price in the Hops table to reflect that price when the list was transferred to inventory.  But apparently it doesn't update it, I have to individually change the items in the category (ie: Cascade hops @ $0.85/oz instead of the default $1). 

IS there a setting to have it do this, it would seem like that would be a reasonable thing to have happen, to use the last price.  I figured the Set Unit Price was one way of doing that, so I went through and hit it for all the items, figuring it would update the price in the Hops table, but apparently it is a redundant function that only updates the shopping list item (something that could be done by dbl-clicking and editing the item directly).



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   Each recipe has its own copy of the ingredients which is actually important for sharing recipes.  As a result prices are not carried over from one to another.

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