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Hello from Morgantown WV
« on: May 30, 2010, 07:34:45 AM »
I am the Lizard king, but most people call me deano. Anyway I am new here and have been brewing for about 7 months, I made the quick upgrade from extract to AG in about a month after starting, then decided that I was too lazy and started kegging, (my bother in law gave me his old kegerator)  I have done the simple to the unique like a beer brewed with guajillo peppers and a bacon porter. I like those out of the box recipes, sometimes they dont turn out all too well but are definatlly drinkable, like the pepper cream ale, it gives you heart burn if drinking too much, thank god for the purple pill and tums. the Lizard king thing, well I love the doors and it is the name of my catering company that I do on the side so I just pulled it over to my brewery and here we are....
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