Author Topic: MicroMatic is worthless  (Read 7785 times)

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MicroMatic is worthless
« on: June 17, 2010, 10:11:19 AM »
For anyone who is in the market for brewing / tap equipment, I would STRONGLY advise AGAINST doing business with MicroMatic.  Their business policies are extremely poor.  I purchased $381.35 worth of equipment from them, and when I wanted to return an unopened item to them and replace it with a more expensive item - in addition to purchasing some additional equipment - they would not allow the return.  They have a 20 day return window.  If you want to return something to them after 20 days from when you bought it - even if it has not been opened - they will refuse to accept the return.  They just lost a customer for life, and I hope they go out of business. >:(

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Re: MicroMatic is worthless
« Reply #1 on: March 31, 2011, 02:14:44 PM »
There are too many choices out there to tolerate this kinda crap. Consider them black-listed in my book. Thanks for the warning.