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BeerSmith and Extract Kits
« on: January 09, 2011, 02:06:09 PM »
Im a new user to Beersmith and have brewed 6 extract batches, which have resulted in sub marginal results :(  I think one problem im having is the lack of consistency in the process (i.e. Not paying attention to detail) and Im hoping Beersmith will help keep me on track.  I have two extract kits I plan on brewing in the next 2 weeks.  Both kits were purchased from Midwest Brewing.  The first kit, Liberty Cream Ale
Ive brewed three times.  I had one really good batch and the other two not so much.  The other kit is a Black Dog Ale  This will be my first attempt with this kit.

How do I add the correct ingredients to the new recipe?  I apologize if this information is available somewhere, I just couldnt find it.  Thanks in advance for the help.