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bizzare blow off
« on: June 20, 2011, 01:53:20 PM »
ive been all grain brewing for about 5 years. i had 1 major blow off the first year. it was on a  high gravity belgium ale.
nothing quite like that since. till yesterday i had wheat ale very simple 1.060 og. used a 1007 geman ale yeast 6 or more gallon
 fermentor.ample head space tho i did end up with 1/2 gallon more wort then planned. fermentation temp steady 66.6
lol thats funny now looking at the was crazy active from the start. 14 hours later foam every were coming
 from air lock. its fine now. question im asking i guess is.why such an explosive fermentation?


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Re: bizzare blow off
« Reply #1 on: June 20, 2011, 03:47:43 PM »
Was there a starter ? The yeast strains that the labs are making now a days are so healthy and raring to go that it just may have been that a very healthy yeast strain if your temp was controlled (are you sure it stayed a constant ? )then thats what i am guessing . plus you should always just use a blow off tube and a airlock for 2ndary . that has saved me time and time again as well you can get fermcap it works great . 
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Re: bizzare blow off
« Reply #2 on: June 20, 2011, 08:43:53 PM »
I just brewed with 1007 with a starter and had to use a blow-off tube. 

It's a good sign.......healthy ferm and maximum beer.