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Adding Cider As Sugar
« on: September 27, 2011, 02:53:35 PM »
Hopefully this helps someone with the same issue. It's the same in 1 as in 2.
I see I tried using 1 for cider and must've gave up before figuring it out.

I was trying to get a cyser recipe going, mainly for record keeping since I've made it before but my numbers were way off compared to what I know will happen.

You have to weigh a gallon of cider and take the SG reading. Then divide that down to get it to points per pound per gallon. Different apples and different years have different SGs but mine seem to always come out around 1.050 and 8.35lbs for a gallon (50/8.35=5.988 or 1.006).
I entered my cider as 1.006 and then add 8.35lbs of cider for a gallon. Playing around up to a 5 gallon batch still had the estimate coming out at 1.050 every time.

Since cider is very willing to go dry it should do a good job at estimating the gravities from there. Now if there was only somewhere to adjust the fermentibility of different sugars I could get honey set so it would work to tweak around with the cyser recipe.

SRM for my apples seems to look right with a 1 for those wanting that (although the glass looks more like a beer than a wine the color is close).