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Creating Recipe or Ingredient Add-ons

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  If you are ambitious you can create your own recipe or ingredient add-ons. 

   Recipe add-ons are a great way to brand your company or web site as well as they get seen and downloaded by thousands of brewers!

  - For recipes, create a folder containing 10-20 recipes and email the folder to me (email to beersmith at my domain name) by using the Export Selected command to export the folder to a BSMX file along with a short note describing the title you want used.  I can post it on the server for everyone to use.
  - For ingredients, make sure you have accurate numbers from the manufacturer, enter the ingredient set, and then email that to me and I can post it as well.

Here's the Process to create one:
  - For Ingredients, got to Ingredient->Hop or Ingredient->Grain view, Equipment go to Profile->Equipment view (or My Recipes for a recipe pack)
  - Enter the ingredients (or equipment or recipes) into the appropriate view, making sure all data is complete and accurate
  - When you are done select all of the ingredients, equipment or recipes in the set, then right click and select "Export Selected" to export them to a BSMX file.
  - You can use File->Open to view and edit the BSMX file you created to make sure its complete
  - Once the file is complete, email it to me at beersmith at and I'll review and post it as an add-on.


I've just sent you a Candi Syrup company add-on of their product line-up. Hope it's useful.

Just sent the RVA Yeast Labs yeasts to you.  Thank for providing a place to get things setup as an Add-On!

Please add ingredients HOP HASH from it would be much appreciated

Greetings Toothpick - I believe this thread describes how you can post ingredients and recipes yourself.  If you have the data for the hops you want as an ingredient, follow the instructions in Brads first posting above so you can share it with us.  Thanks in advance!!!


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