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Hop additions - instructions/notes per addition
« on: April 01, 2012, 12:58:01 PM »
It would be very helpful to have the ability to add notes or instructions for each ingredient addition in a recipe. For example, I have a recipe in which I have a 0 minute hop addition that sits through a 10 minute whirlpool and 10 minute rest, then I have another hop addition that steeps for 10 minutes while I recirculate through the plate chiller to cool. Currently, I have no way of adding these additions into the recipe that makes any sense. I can add two "Aroma" hop additions with 20 minute/10 minute steep times, but the order will be out of whack, and there will be no way to document which addition goes in and when.

I realize there is a "notes" section for the recipe, but it would help to have instructions per addition. I could see the same thing for various grain/yeast additions as well.