Author Topic: Actual Desired Boiloff / water addition calculator  (Read 3244 times)

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Actual Desired Boiloff / water addition calculator
« on: March 03, 2012, 09:34:19 AM »
It would be useful to have a calculator for adjusting the boil based on actual pre-boil OG and volume in order to still hit the recipe targets.  Something like the boiloff tool, but that tells me how long to boil for and how much water to add.

For example:

My recipe calls for 7.5 gallons of 1.050 wort into the boil kettle. 
Based on my typical boiloff, Post-boil should then be 6.5 gallons @ 1.058.

However on brewday, I end up with 7.5 gallons of 1.055 wort. Now, I need to add water to lower my pre-boil gravity or my boil time or both. 

Then I need to adjust my hops additions to compensate for the changes to the boil. 

I can do this now, but its an iterative combination of the dilution tool, the boiloff tool, and the hop bitterness tool.  It would also be useful if the tool would preload the "recipe" parameters from the selected recipe.  Plus, if I miss my pre-boil gravity on the low side, there isn't really a "tool" to calculate the amount of extract to add.

On brewday these are the most important adjustments to make in order to end up making the beer I planned to make. 

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