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Carboys and Kegs Management Profile
« on: March 25, 2012, 10:59:57 PM »
I have not ran into this suggestion, or missed it:
After being on a roll brewing every weekend (lucky me) for a few weeks, it became apparent that I was in need of some type of carboy and keg management.  I do not owe many kegs or carboys, but having a "Profile" for Kegs and Carboys that could be used for each recipes, not unlike the Inventory system, but rather attached to a particular recipe and "freed" at the end date would be quite useful.  At present, I am working with the calendar and some pen and paper old school fashion to work backward from my batches end dates to assess when I will need a keg, and whether or not I will have one available. Not always easy. Any thoughts?
As always, great software.  The more I use it and get to dial in my system, the better it gets!