Author Topic: Internet Explorer 9 (ie9) download issues with BeerSmith  (Read 10700 times)

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Internet Explorer 9 (ie9) download issues with BeerSmith
« on: May 16, 2012, 10:07:28 AM »
Some users of Internet Explorer 9 have been reporting problems downloading the new BeerSmith version.

Unfortunately some of this is an IE9 general issue not just a BeerSmith problem (do a quick search for "problems downloading with ie9" and you will find a lot!

However I did change the links for downloading to the amazon S3 regular host which does correct one security issue.

If you are still having trouble try the following (which worked for me):
 - Click on the download link
 - Click "Save" to save the file
 - ie9 will likely fail to download
 - After it fails click on "Retry" to try it again
 - For me this worked - it did finally download the program

Even after it downloads you will still need to deal with the fact that it marks the security certificate as invalid (I'm looking into how to add one) and also that ie9 renames the file from ".exe" to "_exe" which you will need to rename back to actually install it.

If you have the option you may also want to look at installing Chrome or Firefox as your browser - they have a number of advantages in my humble opinion.

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