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Hello from Morrisville, PA USA
« on: June 03, 2012, 02:10:00 PM »
My name is Bob. Recently retired. Brewed my first Mini-BIAB, NRB's All Amarillo APA, on 5/26/2012. Bottled it 6/3/2012. FG came out 3 points below style, so it's a little dry.  Google search for reason why FG was low lead me to for a reasonable answer/fix. Purchased BeerSmith 2.1 on 6/2/2012 to create my next Mini-BIAB, a Light Hybrid (6B) Blonde Ale. Once the recipes are good, I'll go to Maxi-BIAB - 5 gallon batch size from a 5 gallon brew pot.
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