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Water Tool Addition
« on: June 28, 2012, 08:28:16 AM »
I listened to the brewing network's "Waterganza" series about 5 times now and was delighted to see a water profile tool in Beersmith.  You just saved me about 4 hours to doing the same thing in Excel.  Thank you.

If you want to expand on the water profile tool in an upcoming version of Beersmith, might I suggest adding some quick ratios and an Effective Hardness calculation.  As I understand it, trying to get the exact numbers in ppm of a target city will usually not work.  If you can get the residual alkalinity and the chloride to sulfate ratios to reflect the target water, you're probably 99% of the way there according to John Palmer of the Brewing Network.

One other thing that would really be cool.  Different water profiles lend themselves well to brewing different kinds of beers.  For example, my city water isn't too great for pale beers like Pilsner or Helles beers because of its high residual alkalinity  (RA). However, it is near perfect just as it is for brewing darker, more acidic beers like a porters or stouts.  If the Beersmith tool could look at the water profile and suggest "typical SRM" values that would go well with that water...that would be cool.  I understand it's not an exact science but it would be a good guideline for us.

Thanks again for building a really great tool that is really affordable and for all your podcasts and continued work that makes us all better brewers.
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