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Yeast Starter suggestions
« on: September 26, 2012, 03:46:31 PM »
I have two suggestions for the Yeast Starter tool, one each for the recipe version and the "tools" version.

-> Within a recipe, it would be helpful to display the Brew Date, which is available on the Design tab, on the Starter tab as well.  This would clear up the confusion that some people experience when examining the viability information.  It's unclear, at first, whether the viability is "as of today" or "as of the brew date".  Placing the Brew Date on this tab would make it more clear that the latter is correct.  It would also give the opportunity to adjust the brew date from this tab, if desired, to change the viability and starter data.

-> From the Tools, it would be nice to have a "projected brew date" or "usage date" field, in addition to the Production/Harvest Date.  That way, the user could test viability & starter size based on a known yeast production date based on different usage dates, rather than only having the option to see what the viability is as of today.  I know that the production date can be "backed up" to mimic a gap between given production/brewing dates, but that can get confusing.

Another suggestion would be a viability calculation change, as discussed in this thread:,7584.0.html