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« on: December 16, 2012, 10:59:39 PM »
Late tonight (Sunday-Monday 17 Dec 2012) I just completed the server migration for  Unfortunately it may take 12-24 hours for the new server address to propagate to everyone on the internet.

I've moved the service over to a much larger server (about 10x the capacity) to handle the rapid growth of the site (currently at 37,000 recipes).  The issue is not one of storage but having the server capacity to handle as many as 100 requests coming in at once from desktop, mobile and web devices.

Again, you may see a delay of 12-24 hours (in some cases as long as 48) for the new server address to propagate.  The old server was put into maintenance mode, so if you see a message saying the server is in maintenance mode, you are still pointed to the old server.

Unfortunately there is not much I can do to speed things up.  Locally you can clear your DNS cache on your computer which will may help in some cases.

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