Author Topic: I need to use up my older gains so  (Read 2469 times)

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I need to use up my older gains so
« on: November 13, 2013, 11:01:18 PM »
Why not just make a beer out of it?

I got some flanders red in the fermenter and when it's going into the secondary I want to have another fresh wort to pitch on top of the old yeast while it's still viable. The college of though it that the blended yeasts with associated microbes, grow at different rates which I know will change things, but what the heck.

This it what I have on hand to use

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Re: I need to use up my older gains so
« Reply #1 on: November 14, 2013, 12:02:50 AM »
Wow!  I did a very similar thing recently, with some similar ingredients.  I used about 18 lbs of US 2-row, 1 lbs of crystal 120, .75 lb. of crystal 40 and .25 lb of Victory.  My hops were Willamette and East Kent Goldings and I used dry Belle Saison Yeast.

I was just using up the remainder of my ingredients, just as you have done.  The beer turned out fantastic.  My friends and family love it.  I have a nice malt background, with a clovey, peppery note.  I wanted a touch of banana, but couldn't get the fermentation temperature much above 71F.

Your recipe looks like it will be rock solid.  I look forward to hearing how it turns out!

Keep us informed please.
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