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Brew Bama:
I like the new changes!


   Please post a positive review on the Google Play or iTunes store if you think the new version is much improved.

  One note: several people have asked where the "timer" was moved to.  It is on the pop-up menu for a recipe which you can reach by going to My Recipes view and clicking on the small icon to the right of any recipe name.


Brew Bama:
Speaking of the timer, I didn?t notice it the other day but on brewday(today) I noticed the additions are out of order. They used to be sequentially listed by time. All the hops are listed last instead of mixed in as the addition is required.

See attached:

Same problem here - additions are out of sequence in the timer.  Looks like I'll have to things do the old fashioned way this morning.

I just fixed the timer issue as well as major issues with Android 7.1 or lower as a 3.1.9 beta.  I'm going to push this out fairly quickly as the 3.1.9 update as all of the beta testers have found it to be running properly.

As a temporary fix for the timer if you open the recipe and save it once before running the timer it will display properly.  However the 3.1.9 update should be out pretty quickly with the fix as soon as I can get it approved in the various stores.



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