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Hello all, Been homebrewing for about 10 years but just recently switched from extract brews to all grain so I thought I'd try this BeerSmith program.

Welcome. You made a good choice by going with BeerSmith. There is a learning curve, but plenty of articles and videos on the web site to provide the information you need. Also a few folks here that know the program like the back of their hands.

Hello everyone, I would like to add brewing to my new hobby, but there is a lot of information on this topic, from the choice of tools to the right purchase of ingredients. I'm completely confused about this ((Tell me where to start correctly, having no experience at all?

Hello Tyler!

The best way to start is (1) get yourself a copy of "How to Brew" by John Palmer.  This book will walk you through the process of brewing and has a lot of depth for when you want to know more.  Following that, (2) find a local home brew shop in your area.  The quality of information may vary, but many shop owners are well versed in introducing people to the hobby. 

Homebrewing is a good hobby as, beyond basic cleaning and sanitization practices, you can apply as much or as little effort into it as you would like.  You get to exercise your creativity if you desire or follow standard recipes to try your hand at producing them. 

Good luck and enjoy!


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