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question about what constitutes an beer adjunct


Would the following be considered beer adjuncts?
01.  Priming sugars  (as these are added during conditioning and much later than the boil and fermentation)
02.  Flavoring such as coriander etc for flavored beer
03.  Fruits added to the fermenting mash (like say cherry pulp in  a kriek lambic) since these are added after the boil/brew
04. chemicals that are added say for foam retention after the 'green beer' is produced


Adjuncts are unmalted grains and other fermentables used to supplement the mash. Rice, corn, sugars added to the boil. (just to name a few)

-Priming sugar and additives like foam retention additives are definitely not adjuncts.
-I'm not so sure about flavorings like coriander. My first instinct is to say no because is doesn't supplement the mash. At least they don't add much if anything to adding fermentability.
-Fruits added to fermentation do supplement the mash albeit way downstream so... maybe they could be called adjuncts. That's another one someone else with more knowledge can elaborate on.

Thank you Kevin58

Here's a pretty good article explaining all things adjunt-y (or is it adjunct-ish?)


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