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  1. Long time brewer, new to forum
  2. Michigan Hop Head
  3. Hay Y'all from Sugar Land, Texas
  4. Hello from Whidbey Island Washington
  5. Hi from Durban, South Africa
  6. Greetings from New Hampshire
  7. Just another hop-head from PDX
  8. Hello from Whidbey Island, Washington
  10. Hello from New Mexico
  11. Homebrew Shop in Indy to begin using BeerSmith Exclusively
  12. Another homebrewer in the north west
  13. Hoppy in east central Florida
  14. Greetings from Maryland
  15. Cheers from Atlanta, GA!
  16. brew evaluation forms
  17. Salud! from Mexico City
  18. Hi, from South Africa
  19. hi from Perth Australia
  20. Introduction
  21. Hello from Holland!!
  22. Gettings to all from San Diego, California
  23. newby
  24. Hello from Teston Kent England
  25. Hello from Morrisville, PA USA
  26. Greetings from Denton, Tx.
  27. Greetings from south San Jose
  28. Greetings from Auburn WA
  29. Happy Brewing from Grapevine TX
  30. BeerSmith user from Corona, CA
  31. Happy brewing from Portland, OR.
  32. Hello from Victoria Australia
  33. New to brewing again after Fifteen year
  34. Greetings From Omaha Nebraska!
  35. New from South Plains of Texas!
  36. Rob from Oklahoma City
  37. Livin the Dream in the Pilbara
  38. Greeting from Guilford, Indiana
  39. Are I am
  40. Hello, From South of the Border.
  41. Hello from the Twin Cities
  42. Hello from Canada's East Coast
  43. San Diego sends its regards
  44. Hey everyone. New from Pennsylvania
  45. Hello from North Texas
  46. Greetings for Greece :)
  47. Hello ALL
  48. New in Panama City any homebrewer near by
  49. hey everyone!
  50. Greetings from Switzerland