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  1. Yeast pitch rate
  2. How to CHange Grain Absorption Rate
  3. BS2 frustrations
  4. Converting Extract to All Grain
  5. Post-Boil Hops
  6. Custom Reports
  7. Looking for Dark Munich...which other choicees should I use?
  8. New version... but lost features?
  9. mash profile question
  10. Can you add/create your own water profile?
  11. Question about the Fermentation Tab
  12. Sparging help
  13. Two machines (one Windows 7 the other Ubuntu), single data file. Will this work?
  14. Best way to configure Strike/Mash Temps
  15. "Adjust temp for Equip"
  16. How do I save downloaded recipes in a folder of my choosing?
  17. Where is the new brew timer found?
  18. Mash Preferences
  19. Pre-Boil Vol <-> Bitterness
  20. Restoring standard equipment profiles
  21. Negative Sparge Water error?? (HERMS)
  22. How to mark hop additions with 10 min or less in the boil?
  23. Sparge Water Acid Adjustment
  24. Update Cloud Recipe?
  25. Is there any way to get BeerSmith to scale things to mash efficiency?
  26. 1st AG recipe 1st beer smith recipe
  27. Revoking license for computer
  28. What is Grain Yield?
  29. Calendar posting twice
  30. Competition Printouts
  31. Batch Sparging
  32. Few Questions..
  33. Adding a personal grain pack using Add-on
  34. price updates
  35. How would you add Pecans to the calculation?
  36. Pre-Boil Gravity and Kettle Trub Loss
  37. Equipment changes must be made in two places ???
  38. Add Hop to ingredients from downloaded recipe
  39. BeerSmith installation instructions ...
  40. Learning this program
  41. ABV
  42. Question about BeerSmith, Refractometers, and final gravity.
  43. Brew Log
  44. Wyeast 1450 Dennys favorite
  45. Building equipment profile
  46. Yeast Represented as a Starter
  47. Why is my color always off?
  48. Saving an equipment profile from Beersmith 1
  49. Syncing between two computers
  50. BIAB Mash Out/Water Volume Issue