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  1. Fermentation Readings
  2. Hide the tooltips for textboxes after 2 seconds
  3. Report bugs from within application
  4. Sorting Styles by Style Guidelines
  5. Add estimated pre-boil gravity to print out
  6. Batch sparge water addition calculator for Mobil version
  7. Add Slaked Lime/Pickling Lime to Water Profile tool
  8. Style Assistance
  9. Gluten-Free Malts - Grouse Company (
  10. Allow no date on recipe, or separate brewed date
  11. Inventory and Traceability
  12. Ability to increment/decrement inventory
  13. Water Profile tool improvement suggestion
  14. Eliminate chalk in water profile ingredients
  15. A report showing updated SG's etc
  16. Multi-stage yeast starter
  17. Shopping list to mobile device, please
  18. Add grain absorption parameter to mash profiles
  19. SRM/EBC/Lovibond conversion
  20. Separate listing of water additions for Mash and Sparge
  21. Suggestion: Sanitizer Dilution Calculator
  22. gravity prediction for mash per sparge
  23. Grist potential
  24. Copy and Paste Mobile
  25. Print from Mobile
  26. Adding fermentables after primary fermentation
  27. Adding ingreedients as a percentage
  28. Measured values fields and comparison report for dialling in equipment
  29. Linux AppImage
  30. BeerSmith combo = celular and PC
  31. Import inventory as CSV
  32. 3 nitpicks and 1 suggestion
  33. Reading Date
  34. Starter Materials
  35. Inventory Reserved
  36. Summary of Hops in recipe
  37. Separate Name and Time into Separate Columns
  38. Inventory History
  39. "roaming" BS config files
  40. Inventory in cloud....HURRY UP ALREADY!!!!!!!
  41. Starting a recipe from scratch
  42. Many suggestions
  43. Suggestion: Updates to the Mash schedule
  44. Folders in Cloud Account
  45. Profiles: Where do I post?
  46. UK Government ABV%
  47. Sparge in Water Tool
  48. Sharing recipes between a small group of members??
  49. Adjust AA% in Inventory
  50. Adding attachments