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  1. General Notes Field
  2. Mobile App (Paid Version) Cloud Support for Storing Inventory and Profiles
  3. Brewing calendar / management
  4. Partigyle and Split Batch Support
  5. Equipment Profile - Calculate Deadspace for HLT
  6. Alcohol Tolerance of Yeast
  7. high screen resolutions and font dpi
  8. Remove from inventory dialog
  9. Backups
  10. Editable Fermentation Profile Labels
  11. "Wish List" for next release of BeerSmith
  12. attach photos to notes
  13. Windows Phone App
  14. Windows Phone 8 and/or Windows 8/RT App
  15. Editable brix correction factor
  16. Software open into Brewlog
  17. Add option for elevation
  18. Read-only values presentation
  19. How about a hop screen on the recipe page
  20. Efficiency Tracking
  21. Change IBU contributions of individual addtions
  22. Who else wants more than 13 fields
  23. Brew Log sortable by taste rating
  24. View scroll when dragging items
  25. BJCP
  26. WebCam room
  27. Open bsmx into already running app
  28. back button
  29. Ability to add arbitrary steps to the brew process.
  30. Option to store inventory in the cloud
  31. Ability to edit inventory items
  32. Confirm deletion of recipes
  33. Add Style Guide Comparison to Recipe report
  34. Dates for Ingredients
  35. Actual FG rather than calculated FG
  36. whirlpool temp adjustment
  37. Copy to Log hidden?
  38. Default Tun and grain temps
  39. Two columns for recipes?
  40. Hop Substitution Enhancement
  41. Dry hopping Oil mg/l
  42. Software Suggestions
  43. Making short beers with BeerSmith
  44. 2 Suggestions - Total Efficiency Field and Dropbox Syncing
  45. Add DME to Starter Tab
  46. Saving ingredients and profiles
  47. change how you save profiles
  48. Shopping List from Recipe
  49. Auto Calculating Hop IBU Contribution Based on Storage Index Value
  50. Boil off tool