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Title: Spring time walking?
Post by: tommiwommi on May 04, 2009, 01:32:11 AM
  Is there anyone  who just likes to take a hike into the woods in the springtime and enjoy the air.  Work sucks somtimes and everything else that comes with it (unfourtunately being an adult sucks at times, lol) 
  I like to take my dog out into the wilderness alot and take photos of anything I can get my hands on for reference (I make a living doing artwork)
 I think that can be the most relaxing thing in the world and you get exercise not knowing while you do it.
 I hope there are some folks here who have a chance to relax at that level, hopefully!!!!
Title: Re: Spring time walking?
Post by: UselessBrewing on May 04, 2009, 12:18:03 PM
Agree! Most (not all) people don't see the beauty in thing's. Just look around you. Even if you cant get out of the city. Go to a park, enjoy the outdoors, Have a Homebrew (had to put beer in there somewhere).

I even like to people watch! So sometimes I even go to a mall just to be around people. See how they interact, have a Homebrew (LOL you knew that was comming. Just kidding security is to tight at the mall, camera's everywhere!) Don't be a home body! Get out there and take part in life don't just watch!


Title: Re: Spring time walking?
Post by: SOGOAK on May 09, 2009, 07:57:20 AM
+1 here. I haven't gotten out on my bike too much or had a chance to get "up north" (michigans northern lower pennisula) but I agree, the smell of air, water, dirt, seeing stuff start to grow, etc. Is great.

We try to go for walks with our 2.66yr old girl all the time.  She is so bright and appreciates when you point out a red wing blackbird or flower. 
We live in a little downtown with mature trees and such.  Other than teach safe street crossings, it is a nice environment for her-the reason we moved.
Title: Re: Spring time walking?
Post by: tommiwommi on May 10, 2009, 07:26:52 PM
I bet Michigan is really nice this time of year,
 I'm in North Central WV, And everything is blooming right about now. It's been 70 degrees all day and then the thunderstorms roll in on the later afternoon. Nothing beats having a brew on the porch watching the rain with my dog lately.
Title: Re: Spring time walking?
Post by: UselessBrewing on May 12, 2009, 09:27:36 AM
I just drove to OK this weekend to pick up my new pup (McNab Shepherd). It was pretty, with allot of green everywhere. My wife and I commented on the lack of wild flowers like we see here in Texas. My guess, was it was the wrong time of the year for them. But we could not wait to get back to the Indian Paint brushes, Bluebonnets and other misc wild flowers along the roads in texas. We even took Logan out to enjoy them on the way home.