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Title: dry hopping
Post by: Simie on February 26, 2010, 02:49:26 PM
Sorry this is redundant but I may have put it in the wrong catagory earlier. I'm having difficulty imputing dry hopping in your program. Don't get me wrong I love your program and had exemplary results using Beer Smith since I went all grain at the first of the year. I was having a little bit of a teaser when trying to input my dry hopping schedule. I typically let it ferment 3 to 5 days, dry hop for a couple of days and temperature crash to settle out the fines to the bottom of the carboy. I can't figure out how to input this so it will be displayed correctly on the Brew Log... Any ideas or am I missing something being a newbie?  Thanks for a great program and I've been getting the word out how awesome Beer Smith is.
Terry Simon
Title: Re: dry hopping
Post by: 88Q on February 26, 2010, 05:53:21 PM
Terry, anytime you add hops to the recipe there is also a box to pick what type of addition it is (ie; boil - including time, mash, first wort, aroma, or dry hop. Entering the  data correctly here will place all procedural items in order on the brewsheet.

Happy brewing!
Title: Re: dry hopping
Post by: Simie on February 27, 2010, 05:01:59 AM
Thanks 88Q.

I've done that in the past and here's my followup. This is right from my brew sheet. I brewed on the 8th and go down the log to measure batch volume: I have a ferment in primary for 7days at 62.0F. Right under that it tells me to "ADD INGREDIENTS TO FERMENTER" (hop volume). So do I add the dry hop right after I add the yeast and send to ferment?. Because after the 7 days of primary it tells me to (on the 15th) to measure final gravity etc etc. and keg.. Sorry, but I'm confused. Shouldn't it be:

Ferment for 7 days, add dry hop on the 15th, dry hop a couple of days, then "MEASURE FINAL GRAVITY: and keg..

Also thanks for taking the time to help me out...Simie
Title: Re: dry hopping
Post by: Pirate Point Brewer on February 27, 2010, 05:52:57 AM

I'm not sure if this will help, but my reading on the topic of Dry Hopping suggests that it is best done in the Secondary Fermentor at the end of all fermentation. This is to prevent the hops from being covered by settling yeast and the aroma from being expelled with excess CO2 being passed through the airlock.

So to me, the position of dry hooping on the brewsheet is correct. The 3 days dry hopping is after the secondary ferment time.

Does this make any sense to you??