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Title: hello from connecticut 2
Post by: shane on March 07, 2011, 07:20:23 PM
  Hello fellow brewers. I started one year ago and yesterday brewed my 66th batch. I've only bought one kit (my first batch),now I just wing it. That's the fun of it. I've made some good beers,some alright beers, and some really awesome beers, but I drank them all. Finally got off my butt and started all grain brewing. I made a brown nut ale with Maris Otter, I also made an identical batch using 6.6lbs of muntons amber lme.Can't wait to test them side by side. It wasn't that much more time. This past saturday I installed 2 taps on my beer fridge (yes everyone needs a beer fridge). A keg never lasts over a week,Friends and family thinks it's great so they keep coming over and drinking fueling my brewing madness. Last Labor Day party I went thru 4 kegs of IPA and uncounted bottles of beer.
   Having  over an acre of land I figured why not so I'm planting 20 rhizomes this spring(crazy? maybe, but like I said that's the fun of it.) Any tips are welcome. I'm starting to build the arbors soon. I'll have to get a beer freezer too, my wife just shakes her head and says"sounds great", wait till she helps me harvest them!
   Love browsing through Beer Smith. THANKS BRAD!  primary      Oktoberfest
      primary      Dale's Pale Ale
      secondary  Honey nut Brown Ale (extract)
      secondary  Honey nut Brown Ale (all grain)
      secondary  ESB
      secondary  Red Lager (sam adams)
      secondary  Saaz/Hallertau Lager (Bavarian yeast)
      secondary  Burton Ale (bass)
      Keg           Cascade Ale (6 oz whole hops)
      Keg           Brown ale
      Keg           Shane's Pale Lager (my own fav) conditioning
      bottled       Pumpkin ales,Cranberry ale,Brown ale,2 Porters,Wheat ale,APA's Cream ale,and more
Title: Re: hello from connecticut 2
Post by: glastctbrewer on March 08, 2011, 06:48:53 AM
Welcome!  You are brewing wild man, it awesome.  I've been at it over 2 years and have 1/2 as many batches under my belt.  Keep on having at it and enjoy!  Its the best hobby/obsession I've had the fortune to stumble into!
Title: Re: hello from connecticut 2
Post by: shane on March 08, 2011, 03:42:13 PM
     You're right. It's totally addictive.You read books and come up with a recipe and cant wait to try it.Like I said I never not liked a batch yet.
  good brewing