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Title: BS2 downloading setup question...
Post by: Beavdowg on June 15, 2011, 09:49:19 PM
I downloaded BS2 on to my Mac a few days ago and I have the BS2 logo (the dark pint glass) down in the application ribbon at the bottom of my desktop.  I've noticed that when I click on the BS2 logo to start the application it puts a "BeerSmith2_Install" logo on the right hand side of my desktop.  This logo doesn't go away when I quit BeerSmith.  The only way I can get that logo on the desktop to go away is if I right-click on it and "Eject" it.  It goes away then but just pops back up the next time I boot up BS2.  How can I get this "BeerSmith2_Install" icon to go away completely?  It seems like I don't need it anymore since I've obviously already installed BS2 on my computer.