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1.5bbl System - Hop Utilization Factor?


Dec 3, 2011
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Anyone have suggestions for hop utilization settings for a 1.5bbl Nano system? I was going to go with 120% but in reading a bit, it sounds like folks on 3+ bbl systems are using that setting so I'm thinking it may be to night for me.

I realize this is a brew-adjust-brew-adjust kind of thing, but I'm looking to get in the ballpark the first time so I'm not having to make huge adjustments to my hop-bill from brew to brew.

There's a lot of detail left out of your question, but I'd start with 110% and use Tinseth.

I suggest starting out with something that has a fairly wide range, like Pale Ale or Hefeweizen, to calibrate. Compare the taste to a known commercial sample. I use either Sierra Nevada Pale Ale (38 IBU, moderate cohumulone) or Widmier Hefeweizen (32 IBU low cohumulone). You should have it dialed in a batch or two.

Just keep in mind that the quality of your hops, yeast selection and ability to control oxidation downstream, will have a bigger effect on IBU perception than the calculation.
Why is it when i set my hop utilization to 110 and have 31 ibu on a scottish ale, then just for spits and giggles i set it to 200 percent and it doesnt change anything in the same recipe, am i missing somthing?