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ABV tops out at 10%


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Apr 7, 2017
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All of my Barleywine and high gravity recipes top out at 10% ABV no matter how much I add to the fermentables. It seems that starting around 22lbs of malted barley it reaches 10% and you can keep adding and increasing the gravity but that 10% never changes in the ABV column. This appears to be a glitch in the software that needs to be addressed. I've included two examples selected at random but it happens with all my high gravity recipes.



  • Denny Conn Old Stoner Barleywine.bsmx
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  • Jamil's Hard and Hardy.bsmx
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The program is capping the ABV based upon the published limit of the yeast strain used.  You can change this by editing the yeast and increasing the upper limit of alcohol tolerance
That seems to be correct Oginme. Thanks.
But it still needs to be fixed or at least have a warning notice that the ABV is being limited by the yeast. I was aiming for 10% on my last brew and would have over shot it considerably, if I hadn't twigged to the 10% rule. Also, choosing the yeast is usually one of the last things I do when making up a recipe and ABV is limited to 10% if no yeast is chosen.  :( 
I went to a couple of yeast manufacturer websites to check on the alcohol tolerance that they list and in every case it is higher than what BS3 says.
I am pretty sure this is the same issue that we were having in another thread "abv prediction way off".  At this point i just dont trust BS3. lol  BS2 was on the money though so i am sure it will get fixed.  Just hope its in a timely manner.  Cheers!!!