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Adding Apple Cider as a sugar



So I made up an apple cider and wanted to be able to input the information into beer smith. Since there is no item like that, would anyone have any idea on where I could get the SRM and sugar levels for a gallon of cider, so I can use this in the software?
The SRM Color Guide may help if you can hold a sample in clear glass up to this card thing. 

If you have a hydrometer or refractometer you could get the specific gravity (or Brix and then convert) of the cider.  Since it is a gallon, I believe the SG would approximate the PPG.  For ex, if you put exactly one pound of sugar into exactly one gallon of water you should get 1.046 SG.  For sugar water, the last two digits (46) correspond to the PPG (potential points per gallon).  Sugar is the benchmark because it gives up 100% of its weight to the sugar solution.  Cider has some other stuff in it, so it should be less than 1.046.  That should get you close.  There might be information online, but I would think all ciders are not created equal.