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Adjust mash vol for deadspace


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Jan 14, 2018
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I noticed that when using my Beersmith app the initial mash volume is different to the program.  If "Adjust mash vol for deadspace" is selected on the app my inital volume is 40.75 litres, whereas on my PC it is 36.25 litres.  It seems the app is adding "Tun Deaspace" (4.5 litres in my setup) to my mash volume where as the PC program is not.  This problem is repeatable.

Edit:  I have found having "BIAB Mash with Full Boil" selected on my PC changes this volume, where as on the mobile version it does not.

I hadn't noticed this problem previously.  This unfortunately meant I was under gravity.

For reference my versions are:
-BeerSmith Mobile Version 2.3.4, running on iPhone 6S with IOS 10.3.3
-BeerSmith 2 Version 2.3.12, running on a virtual machine with Windows 7.