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All of my recipes vanished!


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May 12, 2015
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I recently started BS2 about a week after I had put a recipe together and I got a pop up box stating my trial period had ended. It asked me if I wanted to purchase, enter activation key, etc. I had my activation key on file after owning BS for 5+ years but the real dismay came when I realized ALL of my recipes were gone! I searched my documents/beersmith2/etc. files and could not find them anywhere. There were just the sample recipes that come with the software when you first download.

I emailed for help from the website and have not received a response.

Has this happened to anyone else? Is there a fix to recover my recipes?


Apr 22, 2011
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Are you sure they disappeared and not the recipe folder tab along the left side of screen is not minimized? If there is a folder, try double clicking to see it it opens.

If that does not work, try going to Add-ons, if you have both task bars on top of screen, Add-ons should be just below the shopping cart icon.  Click it, then click add and it will list numerous items that you can install in Beersmith. The sample recipes should be listed.  If they are not, then that means they are installed but you are not seeing them for some reason.


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Apr 5, 2003
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  The "worst case" recovery process for a corrupt file in BeerSmith 2 is as follows:
  - Rename your "Documents/BeerSmith2" directory to something else like "OldBeerSmith" which saves your data
  - Make sure you have the latest version of BeerSmith 2 installed from the main download page
  - Restart BeerSmith2 - which will create a new BeerSmith 2 directory with the sample recipes in it
  - You will likely have to enter your registration key again
  - Once you have BeerSmith running again, use the Open command to open your old Recipe.bsmx file
    that is now in your "OldBeerSmith" directory  and then copy/paste any recipes you need into
    your new "My Recipes" folder
  - You can do the same with Equipment.bsmx, Hops.bsmx, etc... if you have added items beyond
    those that came with BeerSmith 2
  - If you can't open one of the files (Recipe.bsmx for example), you can also try opening the numbered
    backups (Recipe1.bsmx, Recipe2.bsmx, etc...) - these contain older copies of the original.
  - Let me know if you have any problems - and please keep your "OldBeerSmith" directory around
    (the one you renamed earlier) as it will have all of your data in it!



Brad Smith