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American pale ale with pilsner malt


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Nov 30, 2019
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Is it OK to brew a hoppy American pale ale with pilsner malt  as a base malt? About 85%

Will it work out fine?
Sure.  There are no hard and fast rules with home brew recipes.  Your flavor profile will change a little bit versus using a pale ale malt, but it is all good.
I have never used Pilsner in a Pale Ale but I am drinking a Bockbier right now that brewed with 77% 2-row, 18% Munich, and 5% carahell. I wouldn?t hesitate to use Pilsner in a Pale Ale.
Just to add to the information, I know the head brewer at a local microbrew who was trained in Germany.  Pilsner is the only base malt they use for all their styles, regardless of the origin of the style.  They make an award winning porter, pretty good IPAs and PAs all with the pilsner base malt. 

Also, check out the video from David Heath on creating an American Pale Ale at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QV7z3tse0-4&list=PLeY07JqsrXM_9GQQTZ5RJV2cXrmHXbE5x&index=3&t=0s and he talks about using a pilsner as a substitute for the pale ale base malt.

Thanks guys.

Actually I'm thinking about increasing the amount of Munich malt to compensate... Something like:
70% pilsner
20% munich
10% crystal 10 or 20

One of my favorite pale ale is made with pilsner, Vaporizer by Double Mountain.