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Any way to "diff" recipes?


Mar 9, 2009
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I am really loving the BeerSmith software and can't believe I have survived so long without it. Many thanks, Brad!

One thing I would find helpful is a way to compare recipes. (if this feature exists I haven't found it) I have a top level folder for my original recipes and then a BrewLog subfolder where I put each instance of a batch. I am finding that I would like to compare the tweaks that I made to the BrewLog batches to the original recipe I started with. I suppose I could do this by exporting each to txt and running a diff on them, but is this a feature worth adding to the application? If there are better ways to feedback changes that improve the recipe to the "base" recipe?

I hope some of that makes sense. Ultimately it would be nice to see that that last batch that was so awesome started out with a quarter pound more of base grains than the original recipe called for, and maybe I decided to toss an extra ounce of aromatic hops in at flameout - again, not called for in the original recipe. A summary of the changes would be ideal.

  There is no automatic feature, but you could open a second window (right click on a recipe and then select "Preview in New Window") to view two recipes at a time.  It should be pretty easy to see the differences from there.

aha! I hadn't seen the "preview in new window" option before. That does the trick nicely.  :)