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Automatic Style Selection


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May 25, 2017
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After creating a recipe, I often hunt around to find which BJCP style fits best. It can get a little  tedious going through all of the styles based upon OG, IBUs etc. In many cases I struggle to find a style that hits all of the green zones.

It would be great if BeerSmith could automatically tell me which style is the best match for my recipe.


Grandmaster Brewer
Dec 17, 2016
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Fallon, NV
Brewers generally begin designing a recipe knowing what basic style they plan on brewing. Once the recipe has been decided on, the ingredients are ordered. While there are times you just want to brew up something to use some leftover ingredients, it isn't the norm.
Every recipe formulation software I have seen is style based which works well for the majority of brewers.

That said, unless you're brewing for a competition there is really no need to strictly adhere to a particular style guideline. Even for competitions, after tasting and evaluating a beer, a brewer will sometimes enter it in a category other than what the recipe was originally designed for. If you want to browse style guidelines you can do so by going to Profiles/Style and placing the cursor over a listed style to see the basics. For more detailed information you can double click on the style. If you just want to narrow down style options you can enter style descriptors in the search box while on that page.

Brewing beer isn't just a matter of throwing some malt, hops, yeast and water together and expecting good results. If you're serious about brewing good beer, I suggest getting How to Brew, by John Palmer. The first edition is free and available at howtobrew.com . After becoming comfortable with the brewing process I strongly recommend buying the latest addition. Both are laid out in a manner that allows you to start at any level and progress from there.

Hope this helps.