Barley Crusher Grain Mill Review

My LHBS has the prototype.  That prototype has crushed an estimated 5,000,000+ lbs of grain.  That is what sold me.

Mine has the 14 lb hopper and I drive it with a 3/8 drill.

Sunday I will be buying a Barley Crusher malt mill. I am looking for advice on the setting I should be using. I would like to maximize efficiency without creating all kinds of laudering problems. I am a five gallon brewer and I recirculate using a HERMS during my entire mash at a rate of .75 gallons per minute. My mash screen is a domed false bottom, the kind they sell at MoreBeer. All of my plumbing is 1/2". If someone does or has ever run a similar system would you help me choose a crush setting for my new mill. Thank you.