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BeerSmith 1.4 Released


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Apr 5, 2003
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I'm pleased to announce BeerSmith 1.4 Release on August 5th, 2007! 

This is a free upgrade for all registered users - see the main site at http://www.beersmith.com for information and to download.

Some of the new features:
- Calendar View - for scheduling recipes (also notes and events)
- Pricing features - for ingredients, recipes and shopping
- Notes - including tasks, calendar events and basic notes
- Late Extract Additions - including proper IBU calculations
- Customizable Brewsheet Templates - so you can make your own brewsheet just like any other report
- Ability to mix waters in water tool and also save water additive combinations for direct use in a recipe
- Ability to lock a recipe to prevent editing
- Recipe Save As command to allow changes without overwriting the original
- Quite a number of bug fixes and minor improvements
- Increased template options - for example you can put $STYLE.NAME within a recipe to get the name of the beer style

  Happy brewing as we start the 2007-2008 brewing season!

Excellent work Brad, some really nice new features. Appreciate the work, effort and time you have put into the new version.

Looks good, Brad. Especially like the calendar and pricing features.

One small issue I've noted so far is the section which compares your beer to the Style Guidelines. The bitterness (IBUs) section stays in bold (out of style) whether the beer is in style or not. I thought it might be just the old recipes, but I started a new recipe to check, and it was the same. Only a small issue, but slightly annoying none-the-less.
Thanks Stuster - I was able to patch it quickly - download and install again and the problem with the IBU highlight will be gone.


I'm new to this forum, but have been using BeerSmith for some months now.
The new version looks great, especialy the calendar and the pricing features.

Is there any easy way to update the costs for old recipies, when you change prices for ingrediences?
after a bit of figuring configuring tweaking rum and pineapples it all made great sense. sorry no bier still brewing that. he he :eek:.
Mr. P said:
Is there any easy way to update the costs for old recipies, when you change prices for ingrediences?

  Unfortunately copies of the ingredients are all stored in the recipe, so they don't automatically update from your price database.  I should add a button to update prices from the ingredient database and put them into the recipe where matches exist, but I did not think of it until you mentioned it.  I think this would be a great addition for the next version however.

Thanks for the suggestion,