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BeerSmith 2.2 for Desktop Preview


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Apr 5, 2003
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I've been working hard on BeerSmith 2.2 and hope to have it out for Mac and PC around the end of November 2013.  It will be a free update for all existing BeerSmith desktop customers.

Here's a quick preview:

More complete summary of changes:

Changes in BeerSmith 2.2.01:
- Added "Search All" command to allow searching all local recipes by ingredient, name, style
- Recipe Archive view now stores edits and changes to all recipes for easy recovery of older data
- Added cloud search so you can find recipes from BeerSmithRecipes.com and use them easily within BeerSmith
- New equipment wizard mode to make entering new equipment a little easier
- Added options for Proxy user name and password for working around firewalls - now works with all commands
- Help->Check for Updates can now download desktop updates in the background for direct installation from the program
- The short items "ioz", "iqt", "igal", "ibarrel" can now be used in any field to specify conversion of imperial units
- Fixed bug "Not enough space in cloud folder" that could occur with some non-cloud pastes
- Fixed printing from tool views, and printing in general is smoother and less confusing
- Searched cloud recipes can now be previewed, or you can make a local copy
- CSS is now supported for custom reports (Mac, PC)
- New CSS based report formats for brewing steps and also
- The glass is now displayable in custom reports using the $GLASS tag
- Brew Steps are now opened in a separate tab (better viewing) instead of a "small font" window
- The shortcut bars are replaced with a simpler view tree on the left bottom sidebar, with the ability to store and use favorites
- A new "Adjust Gravity" tool was added to allow you to adjust gravity by adding DME or LME to wort if your gravity is off
- The tabs on the large ribbon are now optional - you can turn them on/off from View->Toggle Tabbed Ribbon for a cleaner look
- Added Copy to Cloud and Copy Local commands to My Recipes and Cloud view for easier transfers
- Better error handling for corrupted options files to avoid losing reg key if a file is bad
- Changed automatic backup file times so older backup files are kept longer without being replaced as often
- You can now update prices from the recipe design view - it will update prices to match current inventory prices
- Added whirlpool/steep hop IBU contributions for steeped/whirlpool hops based on 90C/194F steep temperature and time/util
- Corrected bug in Extract recipe OG calculation that included trub losses in OG calculation - resulting in slightly high OG estimates
- You can now customize columns in the the Inventory view and Ingredients in design view
- Grains/Extracts/Sugars can now be marked as not fermentable (such as lactose) and will contribute more to FG now

Looks good, Brad.

Is this a complete list, or is this just the major changes?  I ask because there were a couple other bugs on my personal radar:

1.  Fermentables added to the BOIL are being used in the Mash gravity / efficiency calculations.
2.  The water profile tool does not properly account for adding distilled water when caclculating desired salt additions. 
3.  Mash steps re-order themselves (haven't figured out when/why).

Search sounds neat.

Still hoping for more than 13 selectable fields on the front page.
panagiotis said:
I cant fine the View->Toggle Tabbed Ribbon option..

In the menu bar view. 6th item up from the bottom (including greyed out options).
Pretty cool upgrade. Haven't check out everything but the recipe and cloud searches are great. 
brewfun said:
panagiotis said:
I cant fine the View->Toggle Tabbed Ribbon option..

In the menu bar view. 6th item up from the bottom (including greyed out options).

I guess i will stumble upon it at some point. Strange that i seem to have such a difficulty with it as i am not a new user.
"View" is the third menu option at the very top. Toggle Tabs is there. It doesn't really do anything. Makes it cleaner looking by adding another useless menu option to sort through when looking for useful stuff. this should be in the advanced options imho.