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BeerSmith 2 Mobile App Question


Jan 11, 2017
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Just downloaded the new BeerSmith 2 mobile app and everything seems to work great except for the recipe filters. I try to filter my search for "partial mash" and "extract" only, but all I get are all-grain recipes. Does the filter function not work, or are there only all-grain recipes out there??
Greetings snarski - I just checked my Mobil version (iPad) and it works fine.  Are you deselecting the All Grain check box? I also tried my iPhone version and it's working fine also.  Try different brews with different settings...best match...highest rated...etc.

If you continue to have problems, one of the other brewers may offer some assistance based on your mobile device, the OS, version, etc.
Thanks for the reply, Keller. I have tried refining the search function by deselecting the "all-grain" option, leaving only the partial mash and extract as my search criteria. The resulting list of recipes still only lists the majority of all-grain recipes... I've only been able to find one extract only recipe, and none for partial. It feels like there might be a glitch in the search function somehow not filtering accurately. I'm on iPhone 6 and iPad Pro. Oh well, hopefully there will be an update soon that will patch this issue.

Thanks! ~ Snarski
Greetings Snarski - you also posted this issue on the BeerSmith 2 Bugs / Support thread.  I'm pretty sure Brad monitors that thread.  Try adding information about your issue, phone, etc. to that thread.  I'm sure Someone with more knowledge is such issues will see it there.

Good luck!