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BeerSmith 2 Patch 38 (Open Beta Currently)


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Apr 5, 2003
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As promised, I've been working the last few days to correct some of the most critical bugs found since launch.

BeerSmith 2 build 38 is designed as a patch to correct a number of critical bugs found in the initial release of BeerSmith 2.  It is currently an open BETA release for testing purposes, and not yet a final build.  However, if you need one of the critical fixes below I recommend you try it.

I wanted to make this available publicly for those having any of the problems listed below, so I'm publishing it as an open beta this week with the hope of publishing it next week for mainline users.  If you find issues with this build specifically, please note in your problem report that you are working with "beta build 38" and not the main release (37).

NOTE: I will be at the AHA conference from 15-20 June, so I may not be able to reply until I return.  I hope to release these fixes in final form after I return.

Download link is here if you want to give it a spin!

Build 38 Corrects the following problems:

    * Added a "Save As" button to recipe edit dialog (when not a new recipe)
    * Corrected network issues - previous version would "hang" if you tried to activated it but were not connected to the internet
    * Corrected issue with some custom ingredients not immediately showing up when added to inventory
    * Corrected sorting of items by type on shopping view and also inventory view
    * Removed mash in steps that were erroneously being displayed on some new extract recipes
    * Corrected calories display for metric units - now displays "calories per liter"
    * Moved "select fields" button to top of fields list, and corrected issue with fields being cut off at bottom
    * Corrected water/grain ratio display in mash adjust tool and also mash step editor - now displays metric units correctly
    * Added priming sugar amount to brewsheet (now displayed near bottom)
    * Added field for hopped liquid extract bitterness (measured in IBU-Gal/lb) to grains/extract editor
    * Disabled end temps on fermentation editor if not used for currently set number of stages
    * Widened "Notes" field for notes - creating additional space
    * Changed title on brew steps/bottling ingredients to include the dry hop steps
    * Moved storage of Macintosh config files out of /Library directory and back to user's directory
    * Corrected bug that would have permitted editing of units for Misc items during inventory add (not allowed)
    * Removed version from list of selectable fields since it is already on the main design view