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beersmith crashing


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Feb 19, 2011
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I  downloaded a trial  of  beersmith onto my windows laptop using windows home 7.
It  opens  ok  but  crashes  when  I try  to change the  weight of  grain  chosen in a  new  recipe.
I am trialing this  software so I  don't  know  if it  would  crash  under  any  other  circumstances. It seems  to accept  my preferences  for  equipment and  such.
  I've only had one or two cases reported (out of a large user base) of this type of problem.  Usually this indicates one of the files in your installation is corrupt.

  The best fix overall is to export your recipes from your existing copy and then install a fresh copy of BeerSmith to another directory (so you don't overwrite any of the old data) and import your recipes back into the new copy.

thanks brad-
I don't  have any recipes in the program yet  and  my  preferences will be easy to restore from scratch. I did an uninstall, and am running a full scan to make sure there is  nothing buggy with my laptop before I attempt to reinstall.  I have a couple macs but  this laptop is the only windows machine i have and it's very basic... I use it only when I travel. Wish  you wrote a mac  version  of  this  program as it looks like the best program for me
  It might be better to install to a different directory if you have any problems.  By default the uninstaller does not delete data.