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Beersmith Lite - Constantly Upgrading - HTC/Android


May 3, 2013
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I have a licence for Beersmith 2 Lite ver 2.3.4 which I upgraded to Pro (full version?)
This was working fine on previous phones, Sony Xperia, Samsung Galaxy.
I now have a HTC One M8 Mini 2 (I think)
Every time I go into the App it wants to, and does, update.
'Upgrade complete - Restarting to enable new features' and an 'OK' button.
I click OK but the same thing happens the next time I go into Beersmith.

I have (in various sequences)...
Factory Reset the phone.
Removed and reinstalled the App.
Options and Reset Local Data.
Clicked on the Loveheart to Upgrade.

This is realy annoying. I cannot trust the App!

Also - Can I ditch the lite/upgraded version and just install the Full version?
Drop me an email at beersmith at beersmith.com and I will try to get you updated to the full app.

All done.
Although there is still a glitch in the upgraded lite version.

Many thanks Brad, I appreciate your help.
I also find it incredibly annoying see the update message every time I use the Android app. I would appreciate some help in resolving this.