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BeerSmith Mobile 2.3 Release


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Apr 5, 2003
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The long awaited BeerSmith Mobile 2.3 release is underway.  I published the Full Android version to Google Play today and will be publishing the iPhone/iPad version as soon as it is approved by Apple.  The Lite version update (for those who used the in-app update in Lite) will also be released in the coming week or two.

Key Features
- You can download equipment and ingredient add-ons directly within the mobile program now
- Brewing engine brought up to date with the 2.3 desktop version including whirlpool hops, handling of late extract additions, mash tun addition features, and more
- New session page available from Recipe->Edit page mirrors the desktop session data page so you can record your brew session data
- The mash PH adjust features are also on the session page so you can adjust your mash pH
- A yeast calculator is now available from the Recipe->Edit page
- Secure access (https) to the BeerSmithRecipe site for better data security
- Many bug fixes and minor corrections

If you don't have the full version of BeerSmith mobile you can find it on iTunes, Google Play and the Amazon app store - http://beersmith.com/mobile

Hi Brad,

Thanks for the update, the changes are going to be welcomed by many, including me :)

Your key features all revolve around using the application to design recipes as well as while actually brewing which is perfect.

So what happens when you pull some hops from your inventory that lets say, are a bit older than you remember or you forgot to update them in the main recipe design and you want to adjust the AA%.... oh yeah, go back to your PC/MAC to use the Hop Age Tool.

Any reason why this seemingly simple yet valuable tool hasn't made it into the mobile app yet?

  Honestly I forgot to add it - I will put it on my list for the next update as its not hard to add!

How do I update my 2.2.71 to this new version?  I do not see any way to update from the app itself on my Android phone.
Thanks Brad for the Hop Age Tool

StatsnBrew: My update came through the Google Play Store

Thanks, Rick.  Unfortunately I still cannot update. 

When I go to the Google Play Store my only two choices are "Uninstall" and "Open". 

On the Amazon App Store my only choice is "Open". 

In both cases "Open" just opens my existing 2.2.71 version and there does not appear to be any way to update from within Beersmith Mobile itself.
Can't hurt to uninstall and then re-install

Give it a go

I've not yet released it to the Amazon store - its only on Google Play so far but I'm working on getting it posted there.