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Beersmith wont start after windows update


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Jul 9, 2021
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Seems like windows update has once again nuked something on my PC and Beersmith 2 wont start. It has all my recipes in it. Does anyone know what file they are stored in so I can back it up before trying to re-install?
If you're using BeerSmith 2, all of your profiles and recipes are in \documents\BeerSmith2.

Using BeerSmith3 prior to 3.1.08 are in the same documents folder, BeerSmith3.

In the latest version of BeerSmith3, 3.1.08, the default folder is \user\AppData\Roaming/BeerSmith3.
BeerSmith 2 stores data under Documents/BeerSmith2 by default unless you changed it at some point.