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BeerSmith XML Tags ((Updated))

Yeah, I name most of my brews in some kind of Dune way. Mentat Marzen, Golden Path Hefeweizen, Muad Dib Spice Ale, Tears of the Maker ESB, etc. Lots of neat graphics that I'd like to get into the reports.

is there a way to get the recipe in xml-format in a tag? Something like $XML, and all elements are returned. <RECIPE .... </RECIPE>
That way, I can parse it through some xsl, and do my own thing.

Go to the "My Recipes" section where your recipes are. Highlight a recipe and use the Drop down box, choose BeerXML.

  true, that will only give me the XML. But I would like to use the recipe-xml in a ".htm"-report.
Is there a way to get all (and only) the recipe data - without any generated html?

For instance $FERMENTABLES does not just give you the data, it generates a html table with four columns and x rows.

I don't believe so. The Recipe data is stored in the Recipe.bsm which is referenced by BeerSmith when you open a recipe.

I was looking for the var that represents "Effec into Boiler" and was wondering if that was just a calculation evaluated whenever you are in the "Brewhouse Effec" screen.  I don't see anything like it in the xml output...



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I'm pretty sure this is a calculation and not a variable. Maybe Brad could chime in on this one.

  I don't think I have added that one yet - sorry!

Thanks for the answer!

You know, not a big deal in any way - I just happen to be "testing" batches to try and get a consistent rate/ratio and that value has some importance to me at the moment.  In another month, it won't :)

Thanks again.
tgioiosa said:
Hi Preston,

I have tried some of those last datatypes and tags in your latest post, like FERMENTABLES, HOPS, etc.  I couldn't get any success with them in a Recipe Report.

For example, <HOPS></HOPS> can contain several individual <HOP></HOP> datatypes, and the tags such as TYPE, BETA%, ALPHA%, etc. are tied to these <HOP></HOP> pairs, not the encompassing <HOPS></HOPS> datatype.  Question is, how do we enumerate through the <HOPS></HOPS> datatype to get to reference the individual <HOP></HOP> datatypes?

I think it's a similar situation for FERMENTABLES, MISCS, WATERS, and YEASTS. We need to somehow pinpoint the individual entities in those groups in order to get anything to show in a report.

Let us know if you have any success, as I haven't been able to get these to show up.

Cheers, :)

Just wondering if there's been an update on this?

I'm trying to output the water profile into my brewsheet.

Cheers :)
Hey guys....any body know the tag in 2.0 for mash efficiency - not brewhouse eff.
I was looking for it, I will play with this and see what I can come up with. It makes perfect sense now! I will post what I put together i hope soon :D
Sorry for the necro.

I am working on a custom brewsheet and I am unable to print the "first wort hops" other than with  $INGREDIENTS

I have found $FIRST_WORT_HOPS in Brewsheet.htm, but it doesn't print anything.

Any thoughts?
uwjester said:
I'd like to add custom images to different reports....
If you use put the image extention in asst brewer in beerSmith, this will work.
... but it would be better if someone can tell me how to make a custom variabel inside the xml document. Something like...
<xsl:variable name="$image_extention" select="'.jpg'" />
<xsl:variable name="$image_path" select="'./images/'" />
Then the code could look like this
Hi !!

Sorry to ask but in the basic report there is a tag that is not in this list : $MASH_ACID_TEXT

It would be very usefull for me to use it but it seems that it doesn't work because whatever phosporic acid I add in my recipe, it still indicate "None"

Could you check Brad ?

Thank you so much !

Where is the "Mash Temp" tag in all of these? I see many other mash tags but don't see one for mash temp. Is it called something else perhaps? Thanks
There is no such thing as "THE" Mash Temperature. The Mash tag contains a series of Mash Steps, and each of those has its own temperature. You can use the tag for mash steps to get a table of the steps, but there is no access to the internals of the table in a custom report.