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BeerSmithRecipes.com Site - Over 1 Million Recipes

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Apr 5, 2003
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With the launch of BeerSmith Web, the BeerSmith recipe site has grown to over 1.6 million recipes as of this posting.
You can search for recipes here:


Anyone can set up a basic account for free.

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How do I download a recipe from the cloud on my MAC. The instructional video shows a window appearing when DOWNLOAD is clicked. I don't get this. I just open up a txt file in Text Edit. This will not import into BS 2???
  On the Mac it will go in your downloads directory by default.  Unfortunately on the Mac it often adds an extra TXT extension to the file such as "stout.bsmx.txt" -- If you take the extra ".txt" off it and change it to simply a ".bsmx" file as in "stout.bsmx" you can then open it in BeerSmith 2.

  Of course the easier way is to just make a private copy of it to your cloud folder and then open your View->Cloud folder in BeerSmith and it will be there for you.

Thank you for your quick response. I have not been able to remove the .txt. I do a file name edit and remove the .txt. It comes right back. Any ideas?
  On my Mac (using Lion) if I open the Downloads directory and rename the file it asks me if I want to keep the .txt or change it.  As long as I tell it to change it it will allow me to rename it to name.bsmx and then I can open it in BeerSmith.

  Which OSX version are you using?

Is there any way to set up a "club" directory, where I can share my copies with only members in my club??  Or is the only option to share with the world??

Thanks for the awesome product, and updates, looking forward to the mobile versions....ESP. The iPad version!!
Today I got an error while modifying recipes on the cloud, using Beersmith 3 on my iMac.  "Error 1040, too many connections"
Is there a work-around, or is this going to become more and more common?  Currently cannot log into the cloud from my mobile app, my desktop program, or web browser.
Somewhere there is a fragment of Beersmith still in memory. This happens most frequently when you close the program before all the processes are complete. I use a macbook air and am careful to close all my tabs first then Command +Q to close the program. So far I've not encountered that problem.
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