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BeerXML Yeast Amount


Jun 10, 2011
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I'm setting up a brewsheet in Excel that takes in an exported Beersmith recipe in XML. I've been having some good success, but for the life of me I can't work out how the <YEAST><AMOUNT> is derived from the recipe. I have tried a coupe of recipes that use different yeasts, different numbers of packets of dry yeast, played around with cells per pack but they both give me <AMOUNT>0.0502750</AMOUNT><AMOUNT_IS_WEIGHT>FALSE</AMOUNT_IS_WEIGHT>.

I can't see anywhere within Beersmith to influence this output. Ideally I'd like/expect to have the XML output the number of kilograms of yeast and amount is weight = True. However I can't see a way of a) influencing the output and b) entering a weight against a yeast in Beersmith.

What am I missing here? At the very least if I could derive the number of packets specified in the recipe from the XML somehow that's all I really need.